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Anglo-Hispanic Horizons, 1780s-1840s

A network project re-examining the impact of Spain and the Spanish-speaking world on British and American literary culture of the Romantic Age (1780-1840)

Anglo-Hispanic Horizons

Between the middle of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, British culture rediscovered Spain, and the country became an object of exploration through travelling, writing and visual representation. In all this, the six-year Peninsular War (1808-14) marked a crucial turning point in a traditionally vexed intercultural relationship. The conflict made Spain popular among the British public, though it never entirely elided/neutralized mutual incomprehension, hostility and untranslatability. Spain remained a problematic and contentious cultural terrain throughout the 1820s and beyond, owing to the failure of the constitutional monarchy of 1820-23, the crumbling of the Spanish American empire, and the civil strife of the Carlist Wars.

Our Project

This research network takes a fresh look at the conflicted constructions of Spain in British culture between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The politics, literature and visual artefacts emerging from this protracted Anglo-Hispanic encounter constituted a major cultural phemomenon. Indeed, the rediscovery of the historical, geopolitical, linguistic and literary mosaic of Spain and the Spanish-speaking world opened up a space for problematizing and redefining aesthetic, historical and political questions and concerns. Our research group aims to recover this field of debate and put it back to the centre of critical and scholarly debate.

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